Olle Linder plays bass, drums, guitar, mandola and different kinds of percussion. After his graduation from the music program in high school -92 he has dedicated himself totally to a life as a professional musician. He has played in many different styles and with many types of groups, among others Bebo Valdes, Ale Möller and the Swedish popsinger Robyn. A great fascination for groove has caused him to get absorbed by latin music and rythms, and he has been to Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina several times to study and feel the musical atmosphere there. He has also composed music for and participated in dance and theatre performances in Stockholm. At the moment he is touring with the Swedish popsinger Tomas Ledin (Drums) , Brazilian singer Simone Moreno (drums, percussion) Ale Möller-Mats Öberg-Olle Linder trio (perc/8-string guitar) and ODE

Emilia Amper from Småland is a composer, singer and one of the leading nyckelharpa players in the world today, crowned Artist of the year at the Swedish Folk & World Music Awards 2013 and World champion of nyckelharpa in 2010. She was also nominated for a Swedish Grammy (Grammis) and the Manifest prize 2013 for her critically acclaimed solo debut album Trollfågeln at the venerable classical record label BIS Records, and was awarded the Nordic composers and authors' NPU-prize 2013.

Emilia has a broad musical background and education, including two Bachelors in Music/Composition/Swedish Folk Music and a Nordic Master in Folk Music. She has played concerts all over the world solo and with ODE, Skaran, Blink, the dance performance Dans med vuxna, the Norwegian chamber orchestra The Trondheim Soloists and different musicians from Iran, Belgium, Norway, West Africa, Germany, Turkey, Italy and more (non-Western classical music, jazz, folk music, rock/pop etc). She is a board member of The Eric Sahlström Institute (Sweden's folk music institute), a Riksspelman, and a popular dance musician and teacher of Swedish folk music and nyckelharpa playing in Sweden and abroad. In 2011 she was nominated for two American Grammy Awards and won the Norwegian Grammy Spellemannsprisen together with The Trondheim Soloists, Gjermund Larsen and 2L for the album In folk style. She is working full time as a freelance musician, teacher and composer since 2012.

More info: www.emiliaamper.com

Dan Svensson , actually it's Dan Johnny Percy Svensson (in a direct family line as Johnny is his dad and Percy his grandpa). He is originally from Blekinge where he grew up in the small society, Spinkamåla, the place he keeps in his heart, present in whatever he does. For the last ten years he has been situated in Malmö, the place he now consider as home.

-Malmö, for me, is a pantry stuffed with food where I can be the gourmet chef. I can mix ingredients after my own will, create all kinds of combinations, use my experience and even add myself , my own flavor to whatever comes upp. -A touch of Spinkamåla on Fairuz : )

- We shape and create eachother and there's so much beauty! I believe there is a style of music to each sentiment, and the other way around, -sentiment to music. I can easily spend my waking hours exploring mental and musical moods by playing different genres and different instruments in different constellations. My musicmaking isn't connected to a specific instrument, when in need, anything can be an instrument.

Dan is also singer, pecussionist and composer in Alla Fagra www.allafagra.com

Tarabband www.tarabband.com